Coproduction La Chambre Blanche, Québec, Canada


Installation vidéo + Web + On line Performance, 2009. Ars Electónica, Linz, Austria + Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


First prize Banco Suquía/CCEC . 2001. Prize Multimedia Festival Vidéoformes-Clermont Ferrand. France. 2001. Selected for HTMlles 2OO2. Montréal. Canada. Official Selection ISEA 2000. Paris-France. Diciembre 2000. Official Selection INTERFERENCES. Belfort-Francia. Diciembre 2000. Official Selection ICI. Octubre 2000. Official Selection for portal at ARCO 2001. Spain. Selected by the Electronic Literature Organization's State of the Arts Symposium Gallery.

A women leaves her country. She tries to meet vacant spaces, to forget paths. She's considering the new territory. She's not stopping. A trip is more a seek than an adventure. The decision to leave a country first comes from the will to break apart of the family circle, with the blind old uses, and over all, the will to get out from a cocoon, and take the way of self-modification. Sequences are derogating, asking for answers, facing or not each other. A quest or an escape, or simply 'to BE' Labyrinth, where images goes back to the target, in the central node of it's performance and it's hopeless thoughts: the nude, the nude flesh of life.

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