FROM THE OTHER SIDE. 3 or 9-channel video installation, 2019.
LA CARAVANA. 10-channel video installation, 2010/2019.
LETTERS. 2/3-channel video installation, 2018.
LABORATORY OF SOCIAL INVENTION. 4-channel video installation, 2017.
WHAT REMAINS. 2-channel video installation, 2017, 2018.
REHEARSAL FOR ULRIKE. 2- channel video installation, 2016.
AFUERA. 2- channel video installation, 2016.
TIERRA QUEMADA. Installation vidéo, 2015.
INVENTARIO DE BIENES. 2- channel video installation, with Mariela Yeregui, 2015.
ORDINARY PEOPLE. 2-channel video installation, 2014.
CONVERSATION PIECE. 3-channel video installation, 2012.
THE ZONE. Sound Installation for 15 speakers, 2012.
POSSIBLE WAYS TO RETURN HOME. Video installation. 2011.
THE ELEMENTARY PARTICLES. One-channel video installation. 2011.
WE ARE NOT MAKING FUN OF DEATH. 4-channel video installation, 2010.
DOLOR. 6-channel video installation, 2010.
PASSAGES. One-channe video installation, 2010.
DESPOJOS. 2-channel video installation + performances + documentation on DVD and TV LCD. Hotel Central, Sao Paulo, Brasil (2009).
RESCATE. Interactive video installation. 2009.
ARRORRÓ. Video installation + Web + On line Performance, 2009. Ars Electónica, Linz, Austria.
MULTITUD. Video installation, 2018.
REOCUPACIÓN. 5-channel video installation. Variable dimensions, 2006.
CONCIERTO DIURNO. 3-channel video installation, 2006.
INTEMPERIE. Video installation. Variable dimensions. 2006.
DIASPORA. Video installation. Variable dimensions. 2005.
IRREVERSIBLE. Video installation. A video projection on a full water bathtub. 2005.
CANCION DE NOCHE. Video and sound-installation. Laden Nr. 5., Bad Ems, Germany, 2004.
TRIZAS. Video installationl, 2004.
SILENCE. Interactive video installation, 2003.
CRASHING DISHES. Video installation. Künstlerhaus Schloss Balmoral, 2004.
FURIAS. Video installation / Video-painting. Two projections faced on wall. Or projection outdoor of approx 5x7m, 2004.
TERRITORIO. Video installation. At the 2nd. Prize Banco Nación for the Visual Arts, Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires, 2001.
LA ESPERA. Video installation, 2001
CONTINENTE. Video installation, 2001.
DELICIA. Video installation - Urban Installation. Buenos Aires´streets, 2001.
TURBULENCIAS. Video installation, 2001.
RESISTENCIA. Video-installation, 2000.
CARNEVIVA. Video-installation. Coproductionn CICV, Kiron Galery, Paris. 2000.